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Welcome to the website for the Trespasser’s Companion, a book that shows you how to win greater public access to the English countryside, by trespassing it. The website contains numerous resources to help you spread the message that as long as we act responsibility to the ecology and community of the land, there is no earthly reason why we should be banned from it.

The main purpose of this website is to record and publish your trespass, so you can show and tell people why access to nature means so much to you. By trespassing the beautiful English countryside you will have improved your day, your mental and physical health, but you will not have improved the situation of so many people in England who are estranged from the benefits of nature. This website allows you to do both. By publishing your trespass, you will have turned your walk, swim, paddleboard or kayak into a direct action for change. You will have transformed your adventure into a challenge to the orthodoxy that excludes us from so much of our countryside, and expressed the deep need that we, the public, have for more access to nature. To find out more about exactly what change we’re looking for, check out our mothership website, righttoroam.org.uk