Fawley Court

Fawley Court


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A very short trespass across the lawns of Fawley Court. Quite recently, walkers have been forced to stay within a thin strip of land, demarcated by two bits of string which are so pathetic as to be insulting. In 2019 the path itself was cut off due to a broken footbridge but after much protest they replaced it and the path was opened up again. You can’t help but wonder if they would rather people weren’t able to walk along here at all.

The tone is set as we start our walk across Fawley Meadows with a charming sign

We take the public footpath as it’s nice to walk along the river

This is the footbridge which was recently broken, rendering the thames side walk unwalkable. After a lot of outspoken campaigning, the council finally opened the path up again, but you do wonder if the owners would rather they hadn’t…

Here begins the trespass!
We’re supposed to stick between the string, but… nah

The ‘no trespassing’ signs are so small that you have to trespass in order to read them.

I like the narrow bridges but this is ridiculous

Finally through the private land and into Temple Island Meadows, an SSSI where folk are free to roam and the ground isn’t a churned up mud bath.

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