Hoplands Estate

Hoplands Estate


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On Easter Sunday I explored the 560 acres of private bluebell woodland known as Parnholt Wood. It is owned by the Hoplands Estate,a 1,100 acre private country estate owned by Nigel Wolstenholme. The wood is primarily used for pheasant rearing, and only one PROW passes throught it, so I did a simple loop around the woodland on private tracks and deer paths. As usual,there were shot cartridges littered everywhere. I discovered private chalk downland and private ancient yew woodland by Farley Mount

Deer track through bluebells, Parnholt Wood

Beech woodland with private track, Parnholt Wood

Carpet of bluebells deep in private estate woodland

Grassy ride through a birch plantation, hunting stand in distance used for shooting deer, etc.

Ancient enclosure with embankment by Farley Mount, one of many inaccessible historic sites around Hampshire

Dead badger in ancient yew woodland used for rearing pheasants…

Private chalk downland used for rearing pheasants

Even more private chalk downland ,once had permissive access but now fenced and padlocked off

Blocked and padlocked permissive footpath

Carpet of bluebells in beautiful but sadly private beech woodland

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