Bollington Woodland

Bollington Woodland


SK10 5GR
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A woodland by the canal and park used for years and years suddenly was closed off by barbed wire and private woodland signs. It’s a wild space kids play in and people walk through daily, and a popular spot leading from the canal to recreation ground. People climbed over the fences when they were put up but now barbed wire has appeared to stop that. There is a gate from the canal installed and steps that shows this was once a footpath.

Protesting against the signage. You can see the clear path through the woodland in the distance used for years and years.

Climbed over this fence to walk through the clear path and many others carried on doing the same. Barbed wire has now appeared to stop this.

Once over the fence I sat and enjoyed the wildlife and peace and carried on down the path climbing over more wire out across the footpaths

I found out it’s illegal to erect barbed wire next to a footpath so have complained to council and put up this sign

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