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A few days ago I trespassed on the Glastonbury Festival site, something not unusual for me as I work there every year, which gives me the confidence to walk through the big gates. However, this time since the policing bill has passed and through a series of things that have happened to me online which I will mention below, I sat on the land and had a lot of thoughts …

Here’s the gap in the gate which I knew would be there and likely unguarded from previous experience. You can access this from these coordinates… 51°08’37.3″N 2°35’10.8″W … don’t tell anyone 😉 FYI I did see a few people including the land owner and got passed multiple times by important looking hi vis folks in landrovers but I had very minimal trouble from them about being there.

P.S. these gates aren’t here when the farm is operating normally… but they are heavily manned when the festival is on so obviously don’t come then!

I walked down into the stone circle and sat in the middle for a while just admiring the lushness of the whole area. Having not been there for a few years due to the pandemic, I wasn’t prepared for how absolutely beaming with life the area would be. It seemed to me that the years without the festival running had allowed the land to replenish in a way I had never seen it before… or maybe I was just overjoyed with being back there so it all looked overly wonderful, or a combination of both?!

I sat in the stone circle reflecting. Recently I posted a video online about access to land for travellers and the main argument I was faced with was that we shouldn’t be allowed a right to roam over England due to littering… Perhaps it’s too far of a stretch to connect these things together but I couldn’t stop coming back to images of Glastonbury festival on the Monday, (and most other big UK events), when everyone has gone home and left an absolute storm of waste behind. Why is this okay? Why should festivals be allowed to produce this much waste but we cannot have a right to roam because of littering in the countryside? It’s okay to leave litter behind if you pay for a ticket? It doesn’t matter that a cow might eat a tent peg because the tents were only left to be taken to Calais?

Another thing I kept musing over was that a lot of people who come to festivals (this is an assumption) do so to get away from their busy lives, possibly in a city, for a holiday, to be more in nature. What if we had access to land all the time in this way? Are we actually just craving nature more rather than the chaos and hedonism of Glastonbury festival? Obviously not totally, Glasto is really fun, but imagine a UK festival circuit that left the land BETTER and MORE abundant than it found it…… we could achieve that I think if we did have a right to roam which would inevitably end in more respect and thought for our countryside and the beings that live within it…

So far this has been more negative than I intended. I just see loads of hypocrisies in what we are and are not allowed to do in England. We are NOT allowed to freely walk in nature but we are allowed to absolutely trash it basically as long as we pay £250.

– It’s okay to be in nature but only this one specific weekend in this specific place and only if you spend loads of money while you’re doing it –

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