Hawkesdown Hill, Axmouth

Hawkesdown Hill, Axmouth


EX12 4BQ
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Looming over the town of Seaton, Hawkesdown Hill is a familiar sight to every resident of the town (population over 12,000). There is an iron age hill fort at the top, with magnificent earth ramparts to rival popular local spots Woodbury Castle and Blackbury Camp. However, there is no public access to the hills that we look at every day and the ancient monument is off limits – why? Pheasant shooting at the Bindon Estate, a luxury affair for the rich during the shooting season.

The way to the hills. A track across fields and an unmarked gate.

The ramparts to the right.

Grassy rides through leggy conifers.

The view northwest.

Holes natural or artificial? The interior of the hillfort itself is a huge pheasant pen. Our ancient monuments deserve better.

My nature journal page describing the trespass.

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