Boughton House, Northants.

Boughton House, Northants.


NN14 1BJ
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Members of Save Weekley Hall Wood & Meadow, XRs Kettering, Northampton and Wellingborough and unassociated members of the public marched on Boughton House estate all the way to the main hall.

The demand was simple: the Duke of Buccleuch must end their plans to destroy Weekley Hall Wood & Meadow for speculative warehousing.

21,000 people have signed a petition, now we must take action.

50 of the activists marched all the way to the main hall at Boughton House where they shared poetry and chants.

Prior to climbing over fences, around 80 people held a family picnic on the ancient right of way near Church Lane in Weekley. Speeches from Dez Dell, Marly Lyman and Dr Charlie Gardner took place.

Security made it clear that we were not permitted to access the site, but did not prevent us from accessing it at this point. They were friendly and understood our reason for being there.

Gamekeepers attempted to prevent us entering further into the site. We spread out and one-by-one peacefully stepped over the 2ft fence.

A banner read “Biodiversity Loss = Climate Chaos. Save Weekley Hall Wood!” As we walked across the vastness of baron lawn, a hells cape for biodiversity.

Drummers accompanied the march and continued to reenergise us throughout the walk.

Poets and speakers shared strong words for the Duke of Buccleuch outside his main hall.

We ensured the connection between right to roam, biodiversity loss, overdevelopment and the climate crisis was clearly messaged.

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