Foreshore between Calshot and Lepe on the Manor of Cadland

Foreshore between Calshot and Lepe on the Manor of Cadland


SO45 1AB
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On the 6th of September I attempted to walk from Calshot to Lepe Country Park along the foreshore. A few days later two of my neighbours, a married couple, narrowly escaped serious injury or death on Stanswood road 3 mile detour that is in place for the so called ‘Solent way’. This is the route that forms part of the mythical English coastal footpath. The denying of access to simply walk from Calshot to Lepe is not only an egregious denial of freedom it is also potentially fatal.

This is the sign on the high wooden wall that blocks access at the eastern end of the trespass. Notice reference to ‘nature reserve’. There are no internet links to this part of the North Solent Nature reserve. No webcams of the birds nesting and needing protection, no images of fauna and flora needing protecting this use of SSSI appears to be simply an expedient.
The owner of the land seems quite prepared to drive a rib on extendable wheels up and down this protected area with no regard to damage caused to fauna and flora but unwilling to allow access along the inter tidal zone where there are no plants or living things!

This is the gap at the end of the barrier that I was expecting to scramble around. It is difficult to see but there is vile barbed wire wrapped around the post.

Warning cctv, the Berlin wall has a rival!
My advice is smile at the camera!

Another private sign.

the map of the foreshore, on this occasion due to the barbed wire I was unable to complete the trespass. I did not have the physical mobility to climb over the wall. My wife scrambled through a small hole so she technically tresspassed

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