greenfields park, shrewsbury, shropshire

greenfields park, shrewsbury, shropshire


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Shropshire town council illegally sold part of park granting planning permission for17 houses. Would necessitate lost of amenity land left in trust to the community and new residents driving past the playpark which is used everyday by many children. Because the greedy developers want extra ‘units’ a lime tree with a preservation order would be felled! The community has fought back, raising £1000’s. Now the good law project is involved. Test case of national inportance Supreme court 7/12/22

Me getting through fence into our community land which is in the process of being stolen by private developers with the connivance of Shrewsbury Town Council. despite the council admitting they were in the wrong and apologising the planning permission still stands and the houses might yet get built. the council needs to settle something with the developer and give the land back to the community. meanwhile, it is fenced off and in order to use it we need to get through the fence.

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