Langley Wood, Barker-Mill Estate(4Trespass)

Langley Wood, Barker-Mill Estate(4Trespass)


SO40 4UH
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I trespassed through Langley Wood recently. Langley Wood is a 1,000 acre private woodland in the New Forest ‘National Park’, owned by Barker-Mill Estates, which owns a total of around 2,500 acres of land in the New Forest and the lower Test Valley. There is not a single public right of way through the woodland, and there are in fact no public footpaths at all on the entire 2,500 acre private estate, despite the estate being within the boundary of the supposed ‘National Park’

Start of the trespass – sign reads Barker-Mill Estates PRIVATE. Signs elsewhere have numerous misleading and made-up messages on them, such as ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’, and ‘police guard dog training in area’. Neither of which turned out to be true after walking through the vast private woodland.

Private lake in a vast private forest.

A private trig point!

A view down the main track through Langley Wood. This track continues for 2 km without crossing a single public right of way.

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