Myarth, Glanusk Estate(4Trespass)

Myarth, Glanusk Estate(4Trespass)


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I recently trespassed on the Glanusk Estate. The Glanusk Estate is a private estate owned by Christopher Russell Bailey, 5th Baron of Glanusk, consisting of a total of around 3,000 acres of private land and 500 acres of private woodland on a mountain known as Myarth, making it the largest private estate in Wales. Myarth is private mountain, one of few in the Brecon Beacons.

Entry point. How in a National Park can 500 acres of woodland be treated as someones private property in the same way as a suburban back garden?

The wall that encircles the estate. This wall is over a mile long, and encloses what was once a common ,according to old tithe maps.

Ancient sessile oak on the way up

Long-reaching views over the Rhiangoll valley. Sadly reserved only for the eyes of Baron Glanusk, his estate workers and ‘sporting’ enthusiasts.

The summit, 294m above sea level. What was once common grazing land has been planted with row after row of sitka spruce and signed as private.

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