‘National’ Trust Foxbury (4Trespass)

‘National’ Trust Foxbury (4Trespass)


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I have passed this area of heath restoration many times before, today I walked through it. Foxbury is a site purchased by the National Trust around 15 years ago. It was once a vast conifer plantation, now the trees have been felled and it is grazed by cattle. This area has been closed to the public since acquisition by the NT, which I find unnaceptable as the National Trust is a charity which was founded to open up and preserve our countryside. It is sadly only open for private events.

Entry point. The gate was locked, sign stated ‘Recreational access by invitation only’. How is that in a National Park, a charity can straight-up restrict access to only occasional events?

The sign for visitors in the exclusive car park. Ironically, the sign is never read by the public as it is beyond the barbed wire perimeter fence.

New woodland has been planted on parts of this site by volunteers, but the public may never see the result of their efforts as the site remains closed.

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