Englefield estate

Englefield estate


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Trespass Treasure hunt #1

On Sunday we went back to the Englefield estate which was the site of the mass trespass Dance of the Commons in August 2022. The 12 acre estate belongs to access minister Richard Benyon.

We went back to the Englefield oak, where we danced and sang in summer, to leave a token of our love for the tree.

Massively inspired by Masquerade by Kit Williams I have been making bronze effigies of animal heads, connected to a place/person/story, to hide in the English countryside to encourage you to trespass on private land. This is the first one. A hare to symbolise the wild freedom of the commons. If you have a beautiful animal story to tell me please message @communitycraftcollective

The hare is buried under the Englefield oak for the first person willing to trespass to find it.

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