Lymington River

Lymington River


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I wanted to canoe up into the new forest national park but the river was up and making headway was tricky, so I hid my canoe and took to the woods to the east instead. This involved ignoring the ‘tresspassers will be prosecuted ‘sign I’d seen earlier!

I spent two happy days wild camping between two steep sided streams, amongst old yews and oaks. Having spent the previous week decorating and furnishing my daughter’s bedroom, this did me a power of good.

River Lymington, looking beautiful but rather full!

My home for a few days.

The same spot after I left – not a trace did I leave.

Magnificent oak festooned with epiphytes.

Glorious little streams filled the air with the gentle sound of running water and provided me with sweet-tasting, easily filtered drinking water.

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