to the Trespasser’s Companion

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9   Yet today, one in eight families in the UK (3.3 million people) have no access to a garden, let alone an estate several acres wide.

55 million citizens own an average of 0.07 acres 

14  From the microbes in the ground, which stimulate our brain to release serotonin

to the gentle sounds of birdsong or flowing water,

Just a two-hour dip in the forest air can strengthen your immune system for up to thirty days afterwards.

16 A study in Stanford, California

Nature encourages our brain to find different routes

By immersing ourselves regularly in cold water

17 As a result, their absence in our lives is thought to cause abnormal functionality of the immune system

Nature can make us kinder

18 And that’s when we see these bursts in creativity

19 According to research carried out in 2016, over 9 million UK adults – almost a fifth of the population – feel lonely all or most of the time

Spending time in the natural environment – as a resident or a visitor – improves our mental health

An independent study by the University of Essex into Wildlife Trusts volunteering programmes

23 This is not just a bill. It is a people’s charter

24 ‘reducing the sedentary population by one percent could reduce both morbidity and mortality rates at £1.44 billion a year’

the related costs to the national economy of welfare payments and lost productivity are thought to be in the region of £77 billion per year.

25 Preventing and tackling mental health through ‘green social prescribing’

28 One must remember that landownership is ultimately simply a legal fiction

29 All three of these are based on the principle that ‘any person’s body is inviolate
Catherine Elliott & Francis Quinn. Tort Law (6th ed.). Harlow: Pearson Longman (2007)

32 And yet the rotten core of this bill remains, as evidenced by a Guardian investigation published in May 2021

43 Section 3 (5) of the Water Industry Act (1991)

45 And yet, England is one of the least wooded nations in Europe.

46 The 30 million people living near them would have better access to outdoor recreation and the mental and physical health benefits that come with this

The 2021 National Planning Policy Framework–2

47 CPRE’s 2021 ‘State of the Green Belt’ report

48 Eric Pickles commissioned what he called the ‘First Public Property Map’

they would provide over a million more people with easy access to green space

49 Due to wildlife management programmes that protect wildflowers and bees’

50 These are exceptional times and our members were keen to help the community

61 The Finnish Right to Roam

70 ‘The more people are given the opportunity to stay in nature, the more people want to protect it.

‘People who made more nature visits were more likely to engage in recycling and more likely to engage in green travel and were more likely to engage in environmental volunteering.’

78 Hunting, fishing, shooting, coursing, you name it, we were there

114 In 2016, the UK generated 222.9 million tonnes of waste

115 The signs caused an increase in theft

119 a regular connection to nature has been shown to make people more concerned about the wider environment, to change their behaviour to combat climate change

123 Ohio found that 10–50 per cent of the bacteria in the air came from dog crap lying on the floor

135 ‘a form of science developed and enacted by the citizens themselves’
Alan Irwin, Citizen Science: A Study of People, Expertise and Sustainable Development, Routledge, London, 1995, p. xi.

136 where more than five thousand people came together on their hands and knees to study the area

‘much less prone to fake news and all these problems that we are facing in the information age’

140 ‘A particular focus has been on the impact of such habitat changes on bird populations and the continuing declines despite the use of conservation instruments’

157 with a paper published in the Southern California Law Review

172 £2,000 a year over the past decade on promoting the Countryside Code, campaigners say

195 disgust ‘is the emotional expression of deep wisdom, beyond reason’s power to fully articulate it’

Writing in Hiding From Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law

197 Someone who chooses to enter the water willingly accepts the risks that are obvious and usual in undertaking this activity and cannot succeed in a claim against the landowner if they suffer injury as a result.

Jean Perraton’s book Swimming against the Stream contains an excellent account of how this belief about landowners’ liability came about
Jean Perraton, Swimming against the Stream, Jon Carpenter, Charlbury, 2005.

210 a healing space away from the ills of the wider culture’ and one in which female practitioners can ‘redefine and empower themselves’

Susan Greenwood, ‘The Nature of the Goddess: Sexual Identities and Power in Contemporary Witchcraft’, in Nature Religion Today: Paganism in the Modern World, eds Joanne Pearson, Richard H. Roberts and Geoffrey Samuel, Edinburgh University Press, 1998, pp. 101–110.

244 Recent research by CPRE has shown Kettering to be one of the most nature deprived areas in England

250 for every £1 invested in farming support, the industry gives back £7.40 to the economy

269 The BBC documentary The People vs. Climate Change

270 In 2016, the ‘State of Nature’ report pooled data