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The trespasses on this website work best if (alongside personal accounts of what you have seen, how you felt) you give some of the context of the land, its historic ownership, when it was enclosed and discuss its modern context, such as footpaths that have recently been shut off. The Trespasser’s Companion book has lots of resources to help you follow the money, the lineage of ownership, or to research historic tithe maps etc. But here are some links to get you started:



The key aspect to turning these trespasses into direct actions is that they are performative, they are playing to the audience of the general public. So do your best to turn them into a story. Work out a central theme that is relevant to your local area and try to describe to the reader how this particular place in England relates to the wider context of land access injustice.

Lead with these themes: 

  • We are trespassing to protect nature
  • We are trespassing to learn about nature
  • We are trespassing to express our love of nature
  • We are trespassing to improve our mental and physical health